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High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy


High Risk Pregnancy Definition;

High risk pregnancyA commonly used definition for high risk pregnancy is the following; A pregnancy is characterized as high risk when the likelihood for significant complications is higher than average. How the care of these pregnancies is managed varies around the world. For the purpose of being referred to a Fetal & Maternal specialist in Dubai the following list outlines some of the common scenarios were our input can help the management of your pregnancy (Doctor’s referral form and self referral form);



Risk for

Referral for




Multiple pregnancies (twins dichorionic)

Chromosomal/structural anomalies

Preterm delivery

Growth retardation

First trimester screening for Down’s syndrome


Morphology scans


Growth scans and Doppler studies



Multiple pregnancies

(monochorionic twins)

As above plus the risk for TTTS (1/5)

It is good practice these pregnancies to be managed by a Fetal Medicine specialist.





Suspected Fetal abnormalities

Depends on the anomaly

Morphology scan, counselling 

Fetal surveillance






History of previous pregnancy by a affected congenital anomaly


Re occurrence

Preconception counselling,

First trimester and morphology scans.




Suspected fetal growth retardation


Fetal loss / or unnecessary pregnancy intervention

Serial growth scans

Fetal surveillance




Advanced maternal age


Chromosomal anomalies (like Down’s)

First trimester screening




Particular maternal medical conditions





Pre existing diabetes or GDM on insulin

Risk for congenital anomalies/macrosomia

Consider Full management by the FMU due to the frequency of scans visits it would be easier for these patients to be followed up by the FMU with aid of an endocrinologist





Hypothyroidism (treated Graves)


Risk of fetal hyperthyroidism

Fetal surveillance




Autoimmune disease (lupus , antiphospholipid syndrome, RA etg)


Risk of deterioration of the maternal condition/ growth retardation

Preconception counselling,

Fetal surveillance




Maternal cardiac disease

Risk of deterioration of the maternal condition/ fetal abnormalities

Preconception counselling,

Fetal surveillance,

Maternal surveillance with the aid of a cardiologist





Rh negative with positive antibodies


Risk for fetal anemia  -hydrops

Preconception counselling,

Fetal surveillance




 For a personalized care plan of your high risk pregnancy you can contact us at Genesis Perinatal Care Clinic 044498446 or by email drgeorge@genesis-dubai.com
Dr George Michailidis, MRCOG
Specialist in Fetal & Maternal Medicine
Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist
Genesis Perinatal Care Clinic, Dubai, UAEwww.genesis-dubai.com


  • By Mariam 26 Feb 2019

    I need help for my case, I had 3 miscarriages and I want to do anything possible to deliver a healthy baby at the right time.

    • By Elvina 23 Jul 2019

      Dear Mariam.

      Sorry for late reply! We had some technical issues and comments received here we didn’t see.
      Please email us on info@genesis-dubai.com or call 04 4498446.
      We advise you take an appointment with Dr. George to discuss your concern.

      Kind regards.

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