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Monochorionic twins

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IDENTICAL_TWIN Monochorionic twins (identical twins) present a real management challenge for the obstetric team.  In addition to the common twin pregnancy complications like preterm delivery and growth retardation monochorionic twin pregnancies can be affected by twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome is a pregnancy complication unique to monochorionic twins. It affects up to 18% of monochorionic twins and if left untreated can lead to loss of both babies. Treatment of choice is laser ablation of the communicating placental vessels.  This is not available in Dubai.

There are few centres of excellence around the word with a load of cases to get good level of expertise and good results. Most are in Western Europe and USA.

Given visa restrictions it is imperative that the parents have appropriate counselling and  as much notice as possible in order to prepare for possible treatment interventions.

At Genesis we offer a comprehensive monochrorionic twin pregnancy surveillance program aiming to identify early major complications like TTTS and preterm labour.

This includes

  • Certified Fetal Medicine Consultant supervision.
  • First trimester screening, TTTS risk assessment. Documentation preparation for those parents who may need to travel. 
  • US review from 16 weeks and every 2 weeks till 24 weeks gestation and then 2-3 weeks till delivery.

You can always reach our team for more information and appointments on 044498446.

Dr George Michailidis, MRCOG
Fetal & Maternal Medicine ConsultantObstetrician & Gynaecologist

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