Physiotherapy care in pregnancy

Antenatal Care
Physiotherapy care in pregnancy

Physiotherapy care in pregnancy

physio_pregnancy_genesisA new service is now available at Genesis

Physiotherapy in pregnancy and postpartum period.

Genesis Physiotherapy is a team of professional physiotherapists from the UK. We create bespoke treatment plans for each patient enabling them to have a more comfortable pregnancy, easier birth and enjoyable time with their new baby and children.

Common Complaints;

Back pain, Pelvic pain, Joint and muscle pain, Incontinence, Pain post episiotomy /surgery

Prolapse, Recti abdominus diastasis –(separation of the stomach muscles)

Treatment techniques;

Manipulation / mobilization of joints

Clinical Pilates, Pelvic floor retraining through exercise, muscle stimulation, and biofeedback

Bladder training for urgency and stress incontinence, Post-natal education on return to exercise , practical posture advice on bathing and feeding your baby


“Whether you want to get back to walking around the park or you are an elite athlete, we can create a plan to get you back to where you want to be”

The Genesis Physio Team

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