Specialist Pregnancy Consultations

Specialist Pregnancy Consultations

Preconception advice

It would be great if every pregnancy was to be thought of and planned in advance. This is particularly true for those groups of mothers who have coexisting medical problems; like diabetes, cardiac or renal problems. Mothers who experienced significant complications in a previous pregnancy like preterm birth, growth retardation, or fetal anomalies are also in great need for counseling.

The aim of the consultation would be to review the medical and obstetric history, and discuss the implications of a pregnancy to the mother’s and future baby’s health. The next step is to try and determine the best time for the couple to go forward with a pregnancy and finally to plan the Obstetric care in way that will maximize the chances for a successful outcome and minimize those of pregnancy complications.

Fetal medicine consultation

Although the vast majority of pregnancies will proceed to the delivery of a healthy baby there are a number of occasions where problems arise during the antenatal period. The advances in medicine and particularly in obstetric ultrasound scanning has led to the ability to identify early babies with congenital anomalies, genetic syndromes and those who fail to thrive in utero. This has led to the development of Fetal medicine(UK- Europe) /Perinatology (in the US) as a subspecialty of obstetrics. The role of the Fetal Medicine Consultant /Perinatologist goes much further than the simple description of the ultrasound finding which traditionally was the job of the radiologist. We actively engage with the parents explaining the findings and what are the implications for the baby and the mother/family during both the antenatal and postnatal period. Furthermore we offer the support needed for the parents to go through emotionally distressing times.

The Fetal Medicine team becomes the central point in offering advice for pregnancy management and co-ordinating the involvement of other related specialties like the neonatologists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologist etc.

This is the typical consultation framework;

not all of the above issues are covered in one sitting. This varies depending on the condition discussed and an expert judgment as to how much information the parents can absorb at each visit.

It is important to stress that the Fetal Medicine team is not there to take over care from your Doctor. Our focus is to offer the expert advice and surveillance needed for the best pregnancy outcome. Your Doctor will still have the overall care of the mother and his/her contribution will be an integral part of all management decisions.

Maternal Medicine consultation

Changes in our lifestyle and culture have led to an ever increasing number of mothers deferring their pregnancies till their late thirties or early forties. This has led to an amplification of cases with concurrent medical problems of pregnancy and complications associated with advanced maternal age. Furthermore advances in medicine and assisted reproductive techniques have given the opportunity to mothers with significant medical conditions to get pregnant. The role of the Maternal Medicine physician is to plan and co-ordinate the management of these complex cases. This includes involvement of other medical specialties and advanced pregnancy surveillance. A typical example for the cases that can be managed in our Institute is the diabetic mother. Seamless integration with the endocrinologist / dialectologist team is essential.

The above flow chart demonstrates an ideal plan

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