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All About Your Babies Appetite

All About Your Babies Appetite

July 15, 2021

Babies Appetites! Our Dietician Jordana gives us some interesting insights!

Your baby’s appetite is going to change all the time. It is totally normal for them to fluctuate – exactly like ours do as adults. Unfortunately, we tend to put babies into a box and expect them to act, sleep and eat the same every day. But this is an unrealistic expectation to have of our babies and of ourselves.

In my experience babies’ appetites are affected many factors – pushing them towards or away from food, and even towards or away from milk. For example, you may have had a baby who was eating really well but has started teething. This baby may begin to prefer milk again and want to eat less. And this is okay. Imagine being forced to eat a hard meal if you had a terrible toothache?

If the change goes on for weeks and starts to affect weight and health, please visit a healthcare professional to ensure there isn’t anything underlying.

If your baby’s appetite has changed, take a step back and look at the big picture and see if there may be a reason for it. They may have had more milk than usual before mealtime? They may have missed their nap? They may have started to learn to crawl or walk?

Most of the time, there is an explanation for an appetite change, and it’s just a phase and nothing to worry about. Focus on your baby’s intake over a week, and not a day to day, or meal to meal basis.

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