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Pre-College Wellness Clinic 

Pre-College Wellness Clinic

  • Consultation by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant.
  • Review of your teen’s health history and immunizationrecords.
  • Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure measurements.
  • Vision screening & assessment for color blindness.
  • Comprehensive physical examination.
  • HEADSS screening.
  • Review college or university requirements for specific bloodtests and address other pre-college medical health needs.
  • Complete the required health forms and documentation.
  • Comprehensive blood tests, which include the following*
  • Full blood count, Iron studies (iron, ferritin, TIBC), Thyroidfunction (FT4, TSH), Liver function test, Basic metabolic panel(electrolytes, kidney function, glucose), Lipid profile, HbA1c,Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate.

*Immunizations will be recommended based on your teen’s immunization records, specificrequirements of the college or university and the geographic area of study. These will be billedseparately, depending on which vaccines are required.

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