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Support Services

Support Services

Genesis offers a range of Antenatal and Post natal support services to give you the confidence and knowledge for this new experience. 


Antenatal classes provide women and their partners with a unique blend of information and resources to prrepare for birth and parenting. Our antenatal classes aim to offer knowledge and practical advice required for you to feel confident about birth and becoming a parent.

For mothers expecting twins or multiples, we offer sessions that enable parents to understand more about labour, birth and parenting two or more babies at one time. 

All antenatal services can be offered in group or private one on one settings. 

Antenatal classes teach you about:

  • how to prepare for labour
  • The signs of labor, when to call your doctor.
  • The different stages of labour
  • Different birthing positions
  • Relaxation and breathing to use during labour
  • Early parenting
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn baby behaviour

Antenatal Breastfeeding Services 

Learning about breastfeeding before delivering can be helpful so you can know what to expect and prepare well. 

  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the breasts both during pregnancy and after delivery. 
  • Breastfeeding positions and attachment
  • How to express your breastmilk, the benefits of this, and correct storage of breast milk. 
  • Common breastfeeding concerns you may face and how you can manage these. 
  • Understanding normal baby behaviour, frequency and length of feedings.
  • Learning baby cues that tell you your baby is getting enough.

Post-natal Breastfeeding Services

We offer home visits or clinic visits to help support you for a positive breastfeeding experience. Sessions can be up to 2 hrs and include follow up phone calls, email and management plan. 

  • Understand your concerns and challenges
  • Create a management plan in consultation with you. 
  • Assess your baby, your breasts and the breastfeeding: baby cues, tongue-tie, prematurity, damaged or flat nipples, nipple shields, low supply, low weight gain, oversupply, multiples and so on and strategies to manage. 
  • Provide practical knowledge for expressing, using a hand/electric pump to best suit your needs.
  • Settling and sleep education is also available. 
  • Follow up phone calls are available to offer continuous support. 
  • Video Consultations are also available. 

Companion Service for the first 24 hours at home after delivery to help you settle in – please enquire to learn more.